Saturday evening Horst upon experiencing severe stomach pains, went to the nearest Medi Center.  There the attending doctor assessed his situation and sent him direct to the Grey Nuns Hospital in Millwoods.  There they diagnosed it an inflamed gall bladder and asked him if he like an immediate orthoscopic surgery, as they happen to have an opening in the operating room and a surgeon available.  Within an hour of getting to the hospital he was in the operating room.


The operation was a success and Horst was released from hospital the next day.  Horst said,

“I can’t say enough good things on how quickly and how well I was treated.  Our medical system is doing very well despite the many reports otherwise based on my treatment.”


Horst is now recovering at home in Sherwood Park under the care of Elaine and her mother.


Liederkranz members are concerned and wish him a complete and speedy recovery.