Have you ever wanted to belong to all men’s choir? Do you ever dream of participating in the harmonic richness of an all men’s choir? Would you like to feel the elation of singing in an all men’s choir?

Männerchor Liederkranz invites new members to join our choir.

We create beautiful music together. We enjoy the fellowship of our choir members. We take our music on the road. We perform for festivals, Christmas services and other events year round. We have fun together.


We practice weekly – Wednesday 7:30 – 9:30pm at 8310 Roper Road, Edmonton. 

Our director, Donalee Gorfer, has led us in song for over 25 years, and gets the best out of each and every voice in the choir. Our accompanist, Jennifer Maxfield, on piano creates music for us to stay on key and on tempo. Our president, Len Kieser, leads our group through all the details of the choir and minutia of the events in which we participate.

MÄNNERCHOR LIEDERKRANZ is a registered non-profit society dedicated to keep German Culture alive and enjoyed in Alberta Canada.

For membership, if would be best if you had:

  • a background in singing with a group
  • an avid interest in music/singing
  • some German heritage or an interest in German music culture

If joining our choir is of interest to you, contact Norbert Lemermeyer 780.490.8831. When you meet him, together you will be able to determine if Liederkranz is right for you. He will arrange an appointment to assess how you can best fit into our choir.

We look forward to hearing your voice.