Choir Member Profiles

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Edgar Janot (Ed)
Choir Member 25 Years

Besides his strong voice in the choir bass section, Ed ensures each choir member has all the up-to-date sheet music.  Our choir’s noten-wort.  Also, Ed manages the Tumbola, our annual choir fundraiser, keeps the temperature in the practice room regulated and tends to many other tasks, which keeps the affairs of the choir in order.

Ed was born on a farm in Northern Alberta to parents who immigrated from Germany who instilled in him the love of German culture and music. 

Ed helps serve breakfast to the homeless each Wednesday morning at the Rock Shelter. Married to Loretta, they have 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

“I found my singing voice and a great group of friends when I joined Männerchor Liederkranz.”

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Wilfried kopp (wilf)
Choir member 26 years

Wilf leads the first tenors in Männerchor Liederkranz with his strong voice and music expertise.  As narrator, he explains the lyrics of the music we perform, as well as outlines the context of the songs we choose.  His long tenure in the choir, provides a positive perspective to all our choir’s activities.

Wilf immigrated from Germany bringing with him his love of German culture and music. In Canada, he married Karen producing 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Besides being an active businessman, Wilf helps with charity work to a mission in Bolivia. In his spare time he enjoys long road trips on his motorcycle.

“Männerchor Liederkranz gave me a opportunity to participate in my love of men’s choral music.”


Lenard Keiser (Len)
Choir member 16 years

Len lends his voice to 2nd tenor section of the choir.  His distant background is German, but his German language skills somewhat are limited.  Because of that he says, “I have to work twice as hard to learn and keep up to the lyrics”.  He is more comfortable when we choose to sing English numbers.

Len is the current president of Männerchor Liederkranz.  In this leadership position, he works hard to maintain the affairs of the choir in order and too ‘keep all the ducks in a row.’

Alberta born, Len married a piano-playing school teacher, Sharon.  They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

Len joined the choir as his friend said “we also sing many English songs.”  After a few practices and no English songs he questioned his friend.  The response was“what did you expect in a German Men’s Choir?”

“I am proud to be part of making the great sound of a four-part male choir at Männerchor Liederkranz."