For the past 8 years Jennifer Maxfield accompanied MäNNERCHOR LIEDERKRANZ.

Playing for Liederkranz was perhaps a gig that was always meant to be for Jennifer Maxfield, who grew up on Long Island, New York, surrounded by music, German family, and boys.

Jennifer’s parents loved classical music and encouraged their daughter to begin playing piano at age 6. At 12 she also undertook playing organ. Music has been a mainstay in her life ever since. 

Jennifer in studio

Jennifer in studio


She moved to Canada in 2009 when her husband took a teaching position at Concordia University of Edmonton. Two years later she also started working at Concordia, in the School of Music. 

In 2010 a Liederkranz choir member at All Saints Lutheran recruited Jennifer, who played the organ and attended there along with her family. Joining Liederkranz as a pianist was a natural fit for her. It provided another avenue to practice her love of music. And Jennifer has always seemed to be surrounded by boys and men—brothers and neighbors growing up, brothers-in-law, three sons (and one daughter), as well as boys’ and men’s choirs she had accompanied. And, finally, Liederkranz echoes her passion for the German language and folksongs of her heritage.

Jennifer has seen with her family the profound impact that singing in a choir can have in the development of young (and older!) people.

One can learn respect, honor, discipline, and teamwork, and also gain a repertoire of understanding and empathy through the music itself.  For several of the new Liederkranz members who are much younger than the average age of the choir, Jennifer feels there is also a wonderful opportunity to gain from the experience and wisdom of the long-standing members.

Jennifer in Rival del Garda with LIEDERKRANZ

Jennifer in Rival del Garda with LIEDERKRANZ

Choir participation is a given in Jennifer’s life. Her husband and three sons and daughter have always been active choir members, often in multiple choirs. Although she likes to sing and feels most at home on an organ bench, she also loves contributing to a choral performance from the piano.

Jennifer is proud to have supported the choir in performing to its full potential in the In…Canto sul Garda Choral Festival in 2017. 

She saw how the group, with hard work, rose above the ordinary and became the best that they could be. This was a great moment for her as well as all members of Männerchor Liederkranz.