On a beautiful sunny spring day, as the leaves were turning green, Liederkranz held their annual Spring Concert – a tradition for over 50 years. Venue for the event was St.John’s Lutheran Church at 10759.96 street.

St.David's Men's Choir at St.John's 

St.David's Men's Choir at St.John's 

St.David’s Welsh Men’s Choir, directed by Glenda Murphy and pianist Audrey Stuart performed as guests to the Concert. The Welsh songs by St.David’s along with the German selections by Liederkranz created an eclectic and inspiring performance for the 150 attendees.

Each Choir performed as set before and after the intermission, of coffee, cake and choir lore.  In the finale both choirs performed together to the delight of the audience - Let There Be Peace on Earth and A Parting Blessing.

 Individuals form both choirs were inspired by the joint performance and hope to recreate a similar event again, soon.