Every second year the Alberta Gaming Commission grants a casino fundraiser to Leiderkranz Männerchor.  Over 2 days (and nights) Liederkranz members take shifts at the casino for which they are granted a portion of the Casino profits.  This year, on April 25 & 26, they did their volunteer work at Yellowhead Casino, 12464-153 street.

My shift was on Wednesday April 26, 6pm to 3am in the morning.  Activity at the Casino was slow due to the Oilers Hockey Game vs the Anaheim Ducks. Because there was little gaming, we, volunteers on that shift, had a quiet night and were able to watch the playoff hockey game on television– Oilers drowned the Ducks by a score of 5 – 3. Horray!

By the time I got home and to sleep it was well past 4am.  Took 3 day to get over the late night and catch up on missed sleep, but all for a good cause – Liederkranz.