Liederkranz in Fuessen

After landing in Munich on Oct 10, we bussed to Fuessen, Germany, a historic town at the foot of the Alps. Fuessen dates back to Roman times and has continually been occupied since – the most significant being the Bishopric seat in the area—in the days when church and state ruled side by side under the Holy Roman Empire.

Near the Fuessen area are a number of renowned castles, most famous being Neuschwanstein, built by Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. This is the model for the castle in Disneyland.

On the river Lech, Fuessen has been a historical trade route, east-west and north-south. Also of note, Fuessen has been home to instrument-makers who sold their instruments throughout Europe. Nowadays it is a tourist magnet, summer and winter, summer because of its historic background and winter due to skiers in the Alps.

Today Liederkranz is boarding the bus on our way to Lake Garda and the music festival, the primary reason for our tour.

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