LIEDERKRANZ Board meeting @ Dieter's house in St.Albert.

LIEDERKRANZ Board meeting @ Dieter's house in St.Albert.


Following a busy Christmas concert season, Liederkranz Männchor took a break from Dec 16.16 till Jan 8.17.  The final Christmas event and the first event of 2017 is singing for the Sunday Mass Celebration at St.Boniface Catholic Church at 10:00am Jan 8.17.


Choir practice to resume Jan 11.17 at 7:30pm.


What Board Members did over the holiday:

Ed Janot – spent time visiting with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Dieter Schuman – ski trip to Marmot Basin in Jasper

Len Kieser – went to Storyland Valley Zoo with all family members

Gene Koesling – 2 Christmas parties with other choirs & movie stars

Horst Fleischhauer – Christmas feast with family & friends

Frank Wissinger – 2 ski trips to Jasper


What did the other choir members do during the Christmas Break?

Norbert Lemermeyer