Liederkranz Music Committee created a list of songs (repertoire) to prepare for this years events – all events except those in the Christmas season.  Committee members are:  Donalee Gorfer, Wilf Kopp, Ron Staatz, Erhard Shirmaier, Dieter Schumann, Alwin Sperling and Harry Klann.

This years upcoming events:

            Sangerfest in Calgary

            Consular Ball

            Spring Concert at St.John’s

            Europe trip

            And others to be announced.

Song list, from the Repertoire, for each event to be chosen well before each event.

Choir members are urged to practice the lyrics and music for high quality performances. 

The 2017 spring repertoire:

78   Das Morgenrot

123 Vive L’Amour

213 Lebe Liebe Lache

236 Homeward Bound

264 Unser Lied Soll Hell Er Klingen

275 What a Wonderful World

290 Wenn Die Highlands Leuchten

301 Kiss The Girl

302 Zauber der Musik

303 Das Glocklein Vom Kalerersee

304 When The Sun Says Hello To The Mountains

520 Away From The Roll Of The Sea


Song List - Sangerfest in Calgary

                         May 27-29, 2017

500 O Canada

37 The German National Anthem 

37A Land der Berg - Austrian National Anthem

      God Save the Queen

50 Heiliges Land (mixed)

55b Die Himmel rühmen

157  Nabucco (mixed)

231 Lied an die Freude

242 Zum Sängerfest (mixed)

279 Lobt den Herrn der Welt

Norbert Lemermeyer