All Saints Advent Service

December 7.2016

“The 4 part harmony Männerchor Liederkranz is a annual tradition at All Saints. They usually visit our Church to sing in early December to commence the advent season.   Their wonderful sound and seasonal songs puts everyone in the Christmas spirit. We thank Liederkranz for their annual performance and bringing their gift of song to our Church at this special time of year.”

Tj Lewis Board Member at All Saints Lutheran Church


 This year, rather than their usual Sunday performance they sang for the midweek evening service. Normally attendance is about 30 people, but announcement of their coming for this service drew an attendance of over 100.

 Throughout the year, many of our congregation members attend functions where ever Liederkranz performs.  I recommend that you take in any event where they sing.  You will be delighted to hear their sound.

Norbert Lemermeyer